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Transform Your Curls
Transform Your Life

Achieve Salon-Quality Results at Home, Every Single Day

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Tired of bad hair days?

Say goodbye to frizz, breakage, and dull curls. Transform your hair game with my signature XO intensives.

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Before the XO At Home Hair 101

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After the XO At Home Hair 101

Ever wake up, look in the mirror, and just shake your head at your curls?


I get it, we've all been there. It can be seriously frustrating.


But guess what? You don't have to keep dealing with those frizz battles, the unexpected breakage, or feeling lost in your hair care routine. I've found the solution you've been hunting for – a journey to salon-quality hair, every single day. Say goodbye to that constant hair struggle and hello to confidence, ease, and curls that always look amazing. It's time for a fresh chapter in your hair care routine, one where you take charge and become the master of your own hair.


My signature XO Hair At Home workshops are right here to show you the ropes of hair care between salon visits.


Join me and change the way you see and manage your hair

The XO Hair At Home

The XO Hair at Home is an in person training for the every day person who wants to maintain their hair outside of the salon, live frizz free, and strengthen their hair with proper care between salon visits.

It's a two hour workshop in Charlotte, NC (virtual option available) where I'll show you all the essentials:


What You'll Learn:

  • Keep Frizz at Bay: Master the art of frizz-free curls.

  • Eliminate Breakage: Learn the secrets to strong, resilient hair.

  • Styling & Care: Discover how to style your curls like a pro.

  • Washing & Conditioning: Get the lowdown on the best techniques for your hair type.

Upcoming Events

🌸 XO Hair At Home Social

📅 October 19 | 📍 Charlotte, NC (Virtual Available)

💲 $100

Curly Hair Care Essentials

A 3-hour advanced study of hair care. Dive into styling techniques, product selection, advanced damage prevention, and rejuvenating hair treatments. Perfect your maintenance routine for consistently fabulous curls.

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Samantha, Charlotte, NC

🌟 "I never knew managing my curls could be so easy! The tips I learned have made my daily routine a breeze."

Emily, Virtual Attendee

🌟 "The advanced techniques are game-changers. My hair has never looked better!"

Alex, Charlotte, NC

🌟 "As a salon owner, the business essentials training was invaluable. Highly recommend!"

My Clients

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