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Sabrina started her career in Hair Styling in Germany over 15 years ago with extensive training in Germany from Toni & Guy UK + Vidal Sassoon Academies. 

 She ventured to the US in 2009 and continued her passion for hair. 

You can see the European flair she brings when you see her work in Cutting, Coloring, and Styling. Sabrina has 20 + years of experience working with curls and speaks both fluent German and English.

Why Curly Hair...

I am a Naturalista (aka - naturally curly hair girl). I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to fully embrace your CURLS and do it with confidence, so I decided to focus my attention on providing cutting and coloring techniques for curly girls.  I love helping my fellow curly girls embrace their curls and really love their hair for the first time in their life. When they leave my chair, they know how to take care of their curls, enhance them, how long their curls can last, what to do to style days 2 and 3, and more.  

Curly hair is altogether different and must be treated as such.  I had no idea how many women really had no clue how to take care of their curls or were even uncomfortable wearing their hair natural because they didn’t know how to deal with it.  Even coloring curly hair requires an in-depth knowledge of curls and how to enhance them.  I am all about embracing the beauty of Curly hair.  “The bigger the better” is my motto.   

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