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Celebrate Your Curls
Welcome to XO Socials!

Dive into a world where hair styling meets social fun. Discover the art of seamlessly switching between 10 different hairdos, all while embracing the beauty of your curls.


Tired of the same old hair routine?

Learn how to elevate your curly hair game on the go, and change your style easily at any point of the day! Work meeting? Let's do a stylish but professional updo. Going out after for drinks with the girls? Let those curls loose!

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Switch seamlessly between styles from anywhere!

Managing curls can be a challenge. But there's a way to not only master your hair but also have a blast while doing it! Say goodbye to unpredictable curls and hello to a fabulous hair day, every day!

The XO Socials Experience

XO Socials isn't  just another hair workshop; it's a vibrant celebration for everyone eager to flaunt their curls beyond the salon doors. Dive into a world where you can live the frizz-free dream and treat your hair with the love and care it deserves.


Join the party in Charlotte, NC!

Three hours of pure hair indulgence as we unravel the mysteries of perfect curls and spill the tea on all things hair.


Here's What's on the Agenda:


Tame the Frizz: Discover the secrets to achieving fabulous and versatile curls.

🌟 Eliminate Breakage: Equip yourself with techniques to fortify and safeguard your hair.

🌟 Style & Shine: Become a pro at styling and let your curls radiate.

🌟 Hair Care Ritual: Receive tailored advice suited to your unique hair type.

🌟 Seamless Styles: Effortlessly transition between different captivating hairdos.

🌟 Curl Care: Learn to cherish and amplify your natural curls.


But That's Not All!

Apart from mastering your hair game, here's what else we have in store:


🥂 Social Hour: Savor my top pick of prosecco, socialize, and create lasting memories with fellow curly-haired enthusiasts.

🎆 Photo Fun: Strike a pose against our stunning photo backdrops and let the world see your hair transformation.

🛍️ Gift Bags: As a token of appreciation, walk away with a complimentary bag brimming with hair care delights.

Ready to Join the Party?

XO Curls Experience - Charlotte

📅 January 20, 5pm | 📍 Charlotte, NC

💲 $100

Curly Hair Social

Elevate your hair game, meet amazing people, and have an unforgettable time. Limited spots available.

Samantha, Charlotte, NC

"XO Socials was a game-changer! Not only did I learn amazing hair tips, but I also met some incredible people."

Emily, Washington DC

"The vibe, the learning, the fun – everything was top-notch!"

Alex, Raleigh, NC

"As someone who loves social events, this was a perfect blend of learning and partying."

My Clients

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